Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few tips to parents as to how to handle their chilsren.

  • Parents generally tend to grow their children in the way they were grown by their parents. This has both desirable and undesirable effects. Studies have shown that the effection shown by the parents on their children has a possitive effect. The reason is that the child becomes emotionally dependent and the parents can use this successive tool to grow the children in the right way.
  • You should be the stimulus: The parents should be the stimulus and not the response to the actions of the children whether possitive or negative. Most parents tend to be stimulus in respect of possessiveness, diecting and controlling which can result in a withdrawal feeling in the children.
  • Regulate moods: Avoid regulating your childrren depending on your moods. Try to understand what the children want to express to you. Otherwise the children will start reacting negative.
  • Let your child decide: When a child wants to talk to you to decide something listen to him pateintly. Allow the clild to talk to you when he wants to and not when you desire. Keep away all the other things as nothing else is important than your child. Allowing him to talk and decide will increase his confidence and decission making ability.
  • Generally we parents control the children from childhood as to what and what not to do and as to what is right and wrong. But as the children grow they become cognitive and inquisitive and want to have a proper reasoning to accept the parent's regulations. So, the parents need to realise this fact and try to be freinds with their children rather than regulating parents and I am sure you will be able to lead your children in the right direction.
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