Saturday, January 2, 2010

Find, create and work on the right strategy to make our life meaningful.

  • Life is a gift of God. The success in our life depends on how we control and manage it. If we succeed in our life, it means that the strategies have been well thought and executed. If we fail, we must acknowledge the fact that something went wrong with our strategies. It is imperative that we find, create and work on the strategies which makes our life meaningful.
  • Potent intention:
  • If you think you are a child or divine, then you should have big dreams and expectations in life. If you don't have them it means that you are not optimally using the divine gifts which come in the form of myriad resources like mind, body, potential, talent etc. Actually this is the time when strategy comes into play.
  • Thinking - An intangible action:
  • Many people spend lot of their time in action believing that they think too much and they will end up doing nothing. One need to think properly and sufficiently before transforming that thought into action to acheive the goal.
  • Evaluate resources:
  • One must first find out all available resources, whether small or insignifrcant. Then evaluate their importance before working on any opportunity. We must also try to fit all the available resources in our preparation.
  • Take minute information seriously:
  • Collect minute details which are useful for your preparation. Give importance to even the minuest details. Never be incongruent or incomplete in your information . Please note that an ill informed action is bound to fail as success doesn't come accidentally.
  • Share and discuss:
  • Share your thoughts only with people who are better informed than you as otherwise you are speaking to a wrong person and will seek wrong guidance resulting  in wrong strategies in your life and ultimately a failure.
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