Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your diet,the secret of your health.

  • For the modern youth of today it is a great challenge to maintain a good health and sharp mind amidst prolonged working hours, less sleep and social imbalances. To meet this challenge today's youth need additional doses of vitamins and minerals in their diet. The food need to be nutritious, simple and attractive. At the same time care need to be taken ti see that chemicals are not used to make the foods to look attractive.
  • It is recommended that the youth need to consume variety of 5 half cups of fruits and vegetables a day for a healthy body. Please see to it that your salad is a mis of different fruits and vegetables instead of the same carrots or apples daily.
  • The diet must contain small quantity of variety of fruits and vegetables instead of large quantity of a few fruits and vegetables. This will help the youth to absorb the required quantum of vitamins and minerals in proper proportion.
  • See to it that your daily diet consist of fibre content, potassium and vitamins A and C.
  • Do not use chemical colours to make the food look attractive as they will cause serious health disorders. Instead use various fruits and vegetables of different  colours.
  • Further eat for living a healthy life and do not live for eating. The logic is eat less food which contains all the required carbohydrates, proetins, vitamins and minerals in the required proportion.
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