Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do your work, don't procrastinate.

  • It happens in every one's life when a person is assigned or delegated small or inconsequential work one gets mentally prepared thinking that the work will get executed on its own and no involvement is not required.
  • There after, when the work comes staring at us, as if our involvement is essential, most of us throw our hands in exclaiming that nothing can move around without them. The result is creation of dissatisfaction and disharmony among colleagues and people around us.
  • Cna we not avoid such embarassing situations? Yes. We can if we follow the following few steps.
  • Don't take things for granted: Never take it for granted that the work is small and never think of the logical completion of the work without involvement. Instead of blaming the results on account of non involvement, blame the attitude of non involvement.
  • Avoid leaving it till the last moment: As the work is labelled as small, we tend to delay it on the ground that it can be done at some unimportant time. Remember that such small work can be the cause of great stress at times. 
  • Be ready; Be mentally prepared to be ready if you are required for completion of that petty work. Never blame the person to whom the work was delegated. Instead blame yourself for wrong delegation. In case the person to whom the work was delegated successfully completes it do not fail to complement him and yourself for delegating the work to the right person.
  • Contemplate: Ask yourself if this work was not completed, will it affect you in any manner. Will its non completion affect your daily routine and schedule. If the answer is in the affirmative then the work cannot be considered as small, petty or inconsequential. Indeed no work is small as somve times even a small thing can create havoc in one's life due to carelessness or the carefree attitude.
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