Monday, July 13, 2009

How to improve instincts?

  • This is very simple and yet powerful way to centre yourself while awakening your internal stamina expecially in this competitive climate.
  • The Navel Chakra is the place where you gathe and alchemize prana or life force. When the Navel Chalkra is active, your instincts and timing in life improve.
  • Now the question is how to do Navel centre breathing?
  • Sit in a lotus or semi lotused position (a crossed leg sitting posture) on the floor.
  • With your hands form a circle infront of the Navel with the left hand on top of the right hand and tips of the thumbs touching each other.
  • Now inhale and exhale slowly and deeply while focussing on the Navel.
  • Do not visualize or over concentrate. Do this for five minutes.
  • Practising Navel centre breathing encourages the circulation of energy around the body while you charge the Navel and its storage bins.
  • This can also be done standing, the knees bent slightly which will enhance you consciousness and instincts.
  • Navel breathing with the chanting of Om increases your rate of vibration and alighns your consciousness with the soul.
  • Start with synchronized breathing. Inhale rapidly through your nose as you tilt your head upwards and exhale rapidly through your mouth as you tilt your head downwards. Do this 10 times. Keep your head vertical and concetrate at the centre of your chest, mid brow and top of the head. Do this 3 sets.
  • Using the same Mudra as before recite Om mentally or verbally. Hold your breath for a few seconds between inhalations and exhalations. While reciting Om concentrate on the head, mid brow and heart simultaneously. Do this for 2 minutes. For the next 3 minutes think and be aware that you are the soul and the divineself.
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