Thursday, July 16, 2009

Precaution against Cervical Cancer.

  • Cervical cancer es the most common form of cancer among women is a silent killer as it does not show any symptoms in the initial or treatable stages.
  • Cervical cancer is caused by human papilloma virus infection (HPV infection) which is usually transmitted sexually.
  • As this form of cancer does not any symptoms in the initial stages one needs to watch out for
  1. Persistent vaginal discharge.
  2. Abnormal vaginal bleeding expecially between menstrual periods, after intercourse and after menopause.
  3. Loss of appetite, weight loss and fatigue.
  4. Pelvic, back or leg pain.
  5. Leaking of urine or stool from the vagina.
  6. Bone fracture.
  • It is better to adopt the simple mantra "Prevention is better than cure" and visit a gynaecologist in case the above problems exist and get a pap smear done.
  • A pap smear is a screening test done to see whethe a woman's cervix is healthy or not. The test looks for early changes in the cells of the cervix>
  • Alternatively one can undergo a visual examination of the cervix with acetic acid or lugol's iodine or carry out a HPV-DNA test.
  • Avoid smoking as women who smoke are more prone to the risk of cervical cancer.
  • It is safer for young women to practice protected sex with the use of condoms.
  • The young women now also have the chlice of getting vaccinated with HPV vaccine.
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