Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can you taste names?

  • Generally we say what is there in a name? But it does matter to James Wannerton in Blackpoolsynaesthesia who lives with a condition called synaesthesia due to which his sense of taste is connected to his sense of hearing.
  • As a result all sorts of noise triggers this fifty year old man's taste sensation
  • Different names trigger different taste buds to this person. On hearing the name of Tony Blair he gets the taste of coconut in his mouth whereas on hearing the name of Christina he gets the taste of salt in his mouth.
  • I feel this person is lucky as he need not have different variety of foods to enjoy different tastes as he has just to hear different names for this purpose. Alas! but one issue is he may not be in a possition to choose the noise or name suiting his taste.
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    Rajagopalan said...

    Thank God! The guy did not hear names of our politicians!