Friday, November 27, 2009

Is modern technology parting us away from our near and dear ones?

  • Now a days it is a common scene to see peopls at market places, railway stations and roads to see people talking on their mobile phones. Some times I even feel that the mobiles are glued to our hands. Many of us spend most part of our lives sending messages, calling or answering calls. Thanks to the various mobiles that have come to the market with variety of features.
  • Some times wonder whether modern technology has really improved our standard of life or creating a distance in our emotions in life.
  • Given here are a few steps as to how we should manage our life with the use of modern technology and at the same time not to loose the emotions and charm of our life to modern technology.
  • It is not always advisable to talk using modern gadgets like mobiles,laptops etc. It is fine asfar as our job is coneerned.But the problem is these gadgets has a strange effect on its users. Their observation become limited to shat they are doing and fail to observe what is happening around them. They hesitate to have eye contact and chat with others in person. What an irony? The modern technology which aims at making our world smaller is itself making us apart.
  • What is the indicator? How can we know that we are becoming the victims of modern technology at the cost of our personal life. Ask the following questions to yourself and if your answer to nay of them is 'yes' then you are becoming a victim of modern technology and we need to change our life style immediately to avoid severe damage.
  1. Are you ignored or are you ignoring somebody for the reason of working on a computer or talking on a mobile?
  2. Are you interrupted by a phone call when a conversation about an important aspect is on in the family?
  3. Are you ignoring or your family members complaining so for the reason of your spending long time on computers, laptops or mobiles surfing the net, messaging, talking, chatting, sending e-mails etc.
  • Your question may be that should we avoid using modern gadgets? No. Not at all. We do need to use the modern gadgets. But not at the cost of your family life. Give the time they deserve from you. Further you can share with them interesting results of surfing or messages received. In case of musec lovers it can be enjoyed with the family members. See to it that the modern gadgets do not suceed in breaking the family bond.
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