Monday, November 16, 2009

Reduce the use of Plastic to promate a safe and green environment.

  • Recently the carcase of a cow in Kerala was found to contain 17 kg of plastic in its body. This clearly shows the dangers of plastic a non biodegradable substance composed of toxic chemicals that pollutes the earth. Here are a few steps that we all need to follow to give a safe environment to our future generation.
  • Do not buy and use cheap plastic materials that are sold on thr foot paths or rasd sides.
  • Demand the shop keepers to use butter paper in packing food items and refuse to accept food items packed by using plastics.
  • Even if by chance you have used plastic bags, do not litter them around pilgrimage centre, tourist spots and beaches. Insteas dump them in the dustbins provided so that the concerned authorities can properly destroy them.
  • The administrative authorities need to eanct laws and strictly enforce them to discourage the use of plastic bags. Even they can cancel the licence ot the manufacturers of plastic bags and the shopkeepers selling their goods in plastic bags and also levy a fine on the people using plastic bags.
  • Carry liquids ij tetra packs insteas of plastic bags.
  • The advice of religious institutions and religious heads to their devotees fo avoid the use of plastic bags will go a great way to protect our mother earth from the clutche of our biggest and most dangerous enemy "Plastic".
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