Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want to stop ageing and look younger, go dieting.

  • Every one wants to look younger and avoid ageing.Isn't it? Then go dieting.
  • Don't you wish to know how does diet help to fight ageing?
  • According to research there are anti ageing molecules in our body that get activated by a low calorie diet. So the message is eat low calorie food to look younger and to avoid ageing.
  • Charles Mobs, professor of Neuro sciences and geriatrics, Mount School of Medicine have unravelled that low caloeie diet brings down the development of molecules that promote ageing.
  • It does not matter how the diet is restricted. It can be in terms of carbohydrates,fats or proetins. What matters is the diet should be of low calorie. This brings about a change in the CBP proteins that control the genes related to cellular functions.
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Rajagopalan said...

I am reminded of the famous Tamil song "enrum padhinaru..." and the ever green MGR! nice post!