Friday, November 13, 2009

Tips on how to meditate blissfully.

  • We have succumbed or surendered life to hurry and haste. Is it not so? Our day begins with hurrying up to the workplace or college, hasty eating of food, hurrying up to catch the bus or trainn Have you ever thought what would be the ultimate of surrendering ourself to haste. The result is that we loose all our life pleasures, get ourselves strained and over stressed resulting in blood pressure and other undesired ailments at a very early age. I kept thinking to myself where does the solution fie for this problem/ The solution that came to my mind is meditation.
  • I have also observed many people complaining that meditation did not give them possitive results. On analysing I realised that peoople become over enthusiastic and succumb to haste as usual even while meditating. Here are a few tips as to how to meditate blissfully.
  • Practice meditation as a potent spiritual activity irrespective of any religion that benefits and enhancees your life dramatically.
  • Keep thinking and saying in your mind that you are practising meditation as a tool to transcend you to eternity and that you continue to enjoy it without becoming addicted to it.
  • Be like a child during meditation. Remove all notions and ideas that you heard from others as otherwise expectations and hopes will make you overenthusiastic making you hurry or haste durinf meditation
  • Avoid comparing the benefits that you gained in the previous days with the meditation that you are performing today as this will you slow yor down in the process.
  • While meditating keep saying to yourself that "I have the whole tine of the world  available to me for meditation. I am born in this world just to meditate and realise myselt. Request to the God to reveal himself before you".
  • Breathe as slowly as you can. Take 5 to 7 seconds to inhale, 5 seconds to hold and 5 to 7 seconds to exhale. If you are doing this in 2 to 4 seconds it is an indication of haste in meditation.
  • Consider meditation as a karma yoga that every one needs to perform to promote one's health.
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