Monday, March 15, 2010

Do women gossip more?

  • To gossip with colleagues about some one does help you to releive your stress. It is very difficult to avoid some one passing by your seat gossiping about the boss or some one's romance in the office
  • For many of us, the office is like a second home as we spend most of our time there. Hence, gossip is unavoidable with colleagues. According to studies conducted it is found that women gossip twice as much as compared to men.
  • Women and gossip? No way! Yes. I am hearing the woman readers becoming annoyed at the outcome of the study on the ground that the members of the study group would have been only men and hence they have blamed the women as gossipers. Further I hear the women grumbling that it is mostly the men folk in the office who spread out the negatives of a male or a female colleague.
  • Keep a check on the volume:Now once you have intentionally decided to roll the head of some of your colleagues, it is very much important to keep a check on the quantum of negatives that you are talking about that some one to avoid any major consequences.
  • Partner's in crime: Most people think boys are more into gossiping than girls. A techie from Chennai feels that male colleagues are equal partners in crime. In fact they talk about their best buddies and bring out the negative points as a symbol of flirting.
  • Therapy: Gossip is good for health and keeps one going. Gossip has its own positives. It functions as a safety in the workplace allowing the organization to energize and keep stress at bay.
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