Saturday, March 20, 2010

Relate to life with love.

  • Our thinking is full of logic but bereft of love. Relate our life to love and not logic.
  • The presense of love is being in attainment with life and the absence of love is freedom from arrogance and vanity which is nothing but ego.
  • Some meditation tips:
  • Please try to keep your mind still. Let the heart be full of love and live inwardly like a monk.
  • This will reduce your head oriented thinking and the arrogance which the ego draws from your thinking.
  • Every time you feel hurt or upset feel that your mind is void and still.
  • Practice this when ever you are hurt or angry. Feel as if you have no head and then the energy will slowly flow into your heart.
  • Create a heart felt feeling. Be total in what ever you do whether trivial or how ever mundane it may be.
  • Take only those which are essential and avoid those which are unnecessary for you like a monk. Apply this even to your thoughts and emotions.
  • When the mind jumps from A to B or C to D, just feel the feelings of the objects of the thoughts of A or B or C or D.
  • Withdraw inwardly to the feelings rather than to the objects of the thoughts. Go inwards rather than going out, just like a monk.
  • Go still deeper and see these feelings exist in your internal space which is your inner void. Go still deep in this void which is the basis of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Every time you learn how to be in this internal void your intuition will increase and your stress level will reduce.
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