Sunday, March 21, 2010

What not to do while flirting online.

  • The world is the virtual place to be. But most of the online web connects have become the place for various love games. Chatting online is no doubt beneficial but does have certain rules to be followed . Here are a few tips to be folowed while flirting online.
  • Don't appear overtly eager: Okay, so you've found the guy/girl of your dreams and you are eager to get know him/ her. But wait don't make  it seem like you are already  dreaming about marriage.Take it slow. Once you have met the person ,casually send in your friend request after a day or two. Make sure that you don't mention that you have been to his/her profile before and have taken a peek at the pictures if there are any. 
  • Don't leave messages by the hour : Yes, networking sites are meant for you to keep in touch with your friend, but don't make it seem like you spend your every breathing moment on someone else's  web page. In the initial stages, don't send too many messages. Your friendly overtures may be blocked within no time.
  • Don't exaggerate : Try and be genuine. Impressing someone is fine but too much of faffing can land you in trouble. For example, if you don't like adventure sports, don't list it as your hobby just to appear cool. Also, if  you are interested in some one, make sure that there aren't many pictures with your ex in your album... you don't want to seem lovelorn, right ?
  • No chatting every time you see him/her online : Pinging him/her the moment they come online isn't a great idea. Don't make it seem like you've been up all day waiting for him /her to show up.But don't hesitate to strike a conversation after a while, but then again, don't make it a regular occurrence.
  • Not too many smileys or winks, please: It's okay to bombard your friends with emoticons, but it's not a great idea when you are chatting with some one new. While sending a wink or smiley may fill in the gaps... too many of them can make you appear slightly juvenile.
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