Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beware! Too much consumption of cola can praralyse your muscles.

  • Heavy consumption of cola result in reduction in blood potassium to a dangerously low level.
  • Think twice before you sip the cola this summer. Experts warn that too much consumption of cola can result in mild weakness to dangerous muscle paralysis.
  • It had been reported that an Australian farmer had suffered lung paralysis after consuming 4 to 10 litres of cola a day. He fortunately recovered and was advised to curtail his intake of cola, the main cause for his paralysis.
  • In another case a pregnant lady who used to consume about 3 litres of cola day had complained of tiredness, loss of appetite and persistent vomiting. She had an irregular heart beat because of low potassium content in her blood. Once she stopped the consumption of this cola she made a full recovery from her condition.
  • Excessive consumption of cola can also cause hypokalaemia because of 3 ingredients present in the cola drinks viz glucose, fructose and caffeine.
  • So why drink the cola and invite diseases instead or avoiding them?
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