Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make a style and artistic statement with Terracotta accessories.

  • Believe it or not, Terracotta has taken over people by storm. And no, I am not exaggerating. The humble hard-baked red clay, which was primarily used to make earthen pots, has now lent itself to various uses-be it fashion jewellery, artefacts or home decor. Moulded into various shapes, sizes and forms, terracotta adds an exotic touch to homes and imparts a warm, earthy tone to the surroundings.
  • Terracotta is also making its mark in the fashion industry. Previously, the fame of terracotta jewellery was limited to rural and tribal communities, but now it has found its fashion with the urban population as well. Pieces of jewellery made from terracotta don't have a smooth finish. But, its uneven texture adds to the charm. Modern pieces are inspired from traditional designs, give an ethnic touch to any outfit. They are also available in bright colors. Necklaces and earrings made from terracotta are now hot favorites among college students.
  • Fashion aside, when it comes to home decor, the most popular items are Feng Shui wind chimes, laughing Buddha statues and Chinese lanterns. Terracotta wind chimes produce a vibrating sound that is believed to bring good fortune and luck. Terracotta chimes are a complete sell-out, thanks to people's belief in vaasthu. Apart from that, fFeng Shui wind chimes, laughing Buddha statues and Chinese lanterns are also much in demand.
  • It is friendly on the pocket too. Terracotta products are reasonably priced and fit well within the budget. They are also trendy and attractive. Terracotta pots are environment friendly and help retain water, thereby making it an effective option to grow plants.
  • Terracotta is not only cost-effective, but can spruce up even the most basic of interiors. It also adds an ethnic touch to your ensemble in the form of rustic jewellery. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and make a style statement by laying your hands on one these earthen beauties.

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