Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to beat anxiety?

Students awaiting public exam results are a worried lot. Despite loads of entertainment, fun and haging out with friends, an increasing number of them still face post-exam blues. Here are some ways to keep the stress away.
Divert yourself:

  • Are you a bookworm? It's time to catch up on the leisure reading you missed during the exams. Pick up a book that you always wanted to read. Reading will keep you engaged and will not let your thoughts wander.
  • Alternately, try your hand at cooking or gardening. These activities can help you unwind and take your mind off the results for some time. Cooking and gardening require concentration and once you reap the fruits of your labour, you will automatically be happy.
  • Always wanted to get rid of the junk in your room? What better time than the present? Throw away things that are unnecessary. It will definitely help you feel better. Spruce up your room by adding a piece of furniture or painting of your choice.
Friends can help:
  • Hanging out with friends will certainly up your spirits. Don't bring up the topic of your impending results, lest you start worrying again! Stick to topics other than college and admissions.
Support system:
  • Parents, friends and counsellors can form an effecient circle of supporters. Talking to a set of people you consider close will help reduce exam-related anxiety. Nobody can understand you better than your parents. Open up to them; They are sure to lend a ear:
Be creative:
  • Start penning down your thoughts. If you are a net savvy person, start a blog and vent your feelings. Remember, writing alone can give you the pleasure of uninterrupted talking!
All's well that end's well:
  • Let's face it. The exams are over. You cannot change what you wrote months back. Convince yourself that overloading your mind with worries will not fetch you more marks.
  • Be confident. A positive attitude will do you good. However, you are inviting trouble if you are over-confident. It is good to have some anxiety, but never underestimate yourself.
  • Have alternatives. Browse the internet for opportunities in your chosen stream. Do not stick to one particular course. Pursuing a graduation in arts or science is not a sin!
  • Finally, learn to come to terms with reality. Your results will not rule your life. There is so much to be discovered and the world is waiting for you.
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