Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visit Coonoor to get away from the scorching heat.

  • I thought that the scorching heat would take its toll on me. But luckily, I took some time off to visit the princess-I am talking about Coonoor! The picturesque retreat with lush meadows, marigolds, sunflowers, tea estates, pines and tree ferns is a visual treat that left me yearning for more. The weather remains cool throughout the year in Coonoor, and I found it a welcome change from the blistering heat and the maddening crowd of the cities.
  • I decided to explore the greens and landed at sim's park, an ideal destination for flora freaks. The 12 hectare park, developed partly in Japanese style, has a collection of over 1000 flora species that includes magnolia, camellia and ferns. The annual fruit and vegetable show held in Mayf is an added attraction.
  • Some of the other tourist spots I decided to check out were the Dolphin's Nose, Lady Canning's seat and katary waterfalls. Since the Dolphin's Nose and The Lambs Rock were close by, I was able to visit both places at one go.
  • And for the esoteric lot, there is always the Pasteur Institute engaged in the production of antirabies vaccine and pomological station, experimental fruit gardens for pomegranate and apricot to head to, to get your money's and brain's worth!
  • Accomodation: The Gateway Hotel Coonoor, which is nestled in the mountains and drifting mist, is an excellent place to stay. Some of the other hotels you can check into are Vivek Tourist Home, Hotel Blue Hill and Hotel Velan. The price ranges between Rs 300 and 2000.
  • How to get there: If you want to keep your journey short, take the aerial route. The nearest airport is Coimbatore. Coonoor is well connected by bus and train from Coimbatore. You can take the Nilagiri Express that leaves Chennai every night.
  • From Mettupalayam, you can either take a cab upto Coonoor or a toy train. Go for the latter as the 3 to 4 hour journey from Mettupalayam will provide you with some of the most memorable experiences of your life.
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luckyb52 said...

Where do you live in Coonoor? I stay on Grace Hill, opposite the Telephone Exchange...