Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to make learning a fun for your kids ?

Summer is no fun without playing in the sun and getting tanned.So, why stop your kid from having a whale of a time? There are many activities available for children.Here is how these activities can help your kid.

  • Tennis : Sweating it out in summer is not a bad choice. The game improves coordination of various parts of the body and also strengthens the limbs. It helps improve concentration. So, sign up your little one , who knows, your kid might turn out to be the next Sania or Paes.
  • Swimming: Nothing excites kids more than playing in water. Swimming can be the best sport during summer. Did you know that swimming can actually help extra inches to one's height? Enroll your little angel in swimming camp this summer and watch her do a back stroke with ease.
  • Skating : Whirring through space and racing are a few things that kids love to do. Skating classes have become very popular nowadays and you will find it easy to spot one near your place. Skating is a good form of exercise too. It helps flex muscles and put your little one in shape. Get your son/daughter a pair of skates and see them enjoy rolling on.
  • Story-Telling :It's story time folks ! If there is something that kids listen to with rapt attention, it's stories. For a change let them take the other side and narrate a story. Story-telling classes are a hit among kids in the age group of six to ten.These classes promote better listening and communication skills among children.
  • Creative-Writing :Does your child love writing? Then this is the one for him. Give wings to your child's imagination this summer. Help your child in his creative flow by registering him for a creative writing camp. Creative writing classes not only keep him engaged during summer, but it also improves his writing skills. Children above nine years of age will benefit more from these classes.
  • Dancing: Let your child learn to shake a leg this summer. Be it traditional dance forms like Bharatnatyam or western moves like the Salsa and the Ballet, children would like to be part of it. More than a hobby, dancing can also prove to be a form of exercise. Let them put on the dancing shoes and blossom into versatile dancers.
  • Theatre : Theatre is one activity that combines and hones the acting skills and the creative talent of your child. Best suited for kidabove the age of 12, theatre will not only provide acting lessons but will also sharpen your child's communication skills and make him a team player. Theatre workshops do not run for more than couple of weeks and can be very well accommodated in your schedule.
So, what are you waiting for? Use these holidays to mould your kids into better individuals.

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