Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to get back in shape?

You have always taken care of what goes into your child's tummy and have strived hard in the kitchen to make something healthy for your child. Now, it's your turn to get back into shape. It does not matter whether you are a working mom or one who stays at home, the need to stay fit is vital if you want to take good care of everybody in the family.

  • At home: Are you a home maker? You might already be tired with house hold chores. To do exercise might not be top priority right now, but it is absolutely necessary to take time off to exercise in order to keep fit.
  • Do it yourself: If you are a working mom, remember that sedentary work will not help you burn the calories. Try simple things like climbing the stairs and walking to the desk. Next time you ask the office helper to fetch you coffee or printouts, think again. A walk to the vending machine or the printer will surely add to your effort. Park your car a couple of blocks away and walk to the office. At home, don't call the maid to answer the door bell or fetch a glass of water. Do it yourself.
  • Get professional help: Join a gym. You will find that experienced trainers will help you reduce the flab in a simple, yet effective way.
  • Involve kids: You have always advised your child on the importance of exercise. It is time to follow it yourself. When you start to do exercise every day, your kids will follow you naturally.
  • Take advantage of family: Negotiate some exercise time with your spouse. When you workout at the gym, your husband can take care of the kids and vice versa. If your in-laws or parents come over once or twice a week to spend time with the kids, you can utilize that time to head to the gym for a few hours.
  • Get to know your neighbours: Strike a deal with your neighbours. Watch each other's kids while the other goes for a run. Walking is the best beat. Take a walk around your apartment or a nearby park. You can also walk together to keep each other motivated.
  • Join your friends: Join a group of friends who exercise together-be it walking or working out at the gym. To perform exercise together will keep you motivated and chances of missing gym classes will be few and far between.
  • For new moms: You are definitely sporting a post-pregnancy glow, but the pounds just don't seem to wear off. Stick to a diet plan and do not over eat. Simple exercise to improve posture, abdominal strengthening and breast-feeding will help you get back in shape. If you have a toddler, running after him certainly helps you burn the calories. Take him for a stroll in the park. Outdoors not only do good for your kid, but will benefit you as well. Remember, how you look depends on what you eat and your exercise regime. So make sure you give yourself as much importance as your family.
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