Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Eczema often leads to Asthma?

  • Many young children who get skin rashes get Asthma later.
  • According to doctors, research has shown that what leads to progression from eczema, or a topic dermatitis to breathing problems. This is also known as a topic march.
  • According to research, a substance secreted by damaged skin circulates through the body and triggers asthma.
  • Early treatment of skin rash and inhibition of the triggered substance might block asthma development in young patients with eczema.
  • Research on mice had shown that the mice also suffered from asthma like responses to inhaled allergens implicating the substance, called TSLP, as the link between eczema and asthma.
  • According to research cells in damaged skin can secrete TSLP (thymic stromal lymphopoietin), a compound capable of eliciting a powerful immune response.
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