Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't yor wish to lead a successfull and a healthy married life?

Now a days the family courts are flooded with divorce cases. Why is there an increase in the number of the divorce divorce cases in the recent times? Is there anything wrong in the present system of marriage or with the society? Is this a healthy trend for the future? What is the solution for this evil?
According to me, the marriages fail due to:
1. The presense of superiority complex between the couples;
2. Disrespect to the views and feelings of one another;
3. Loss of trust between the couples;
4. Jealousy on the career growth of the other;
5. Excessive possessiveness;
6. Over expectations from each other;
7. Absense of feeling of oneness and sacrificing tendency between the couples;
8. Abesnse of the sharing of ill feelings about each other.
Now the question is how to find a solution to the above problems and lead a healthy married life. The Vedas, under the Hindu Mythology has very good solution for this problems as listed below;
1. Bring a feeling in the mind that one had entered into martial life to serve the almighty and the society;
2. Practice to forget the I, my and the myself in the mind;
3. Pracice to bestow love and effection on the other partner;
4. Give respect to the views and feelings of each other;
5. Control anger and avoid the tendency to argue;
6. Forgive the mistakes of each other;
7. Develop the tendency to sacrifice for others.
U am sure that if the couples follow the art of living specified in the vedic science no marriages will break Further, if the people follow this vedic advice it shall be a place of happuness and no doubt thie beautiful world would be a heaven in itself.
Further Am sure that th couples who had broken their marraige will surely not be healthy as the absence of mental peace would lead them to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac arrest etc.
When the vedic science of the hindu myhtology provides us "Art Of Living" why not avail the benefits of the same and lead a happy and healthy life....... Add to Mixx!

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