Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why does hair become grey?

Everybody likes to have blach hair. But my grandfather's hair is totally grey. Why is it so? May be because of some chemical reactions that had occured in his body might have resulted in the bleaching of his hair. What reaction could that be?
Accoding to Deumatology research, the shortage of an enzyme called catalase in the body results in bleaching of hair. The shortfall of catalace results in accumulation of hydrogen peroxide which is naturally present in the human hair. This accumulation of which cannot be broken down into hydrogen due to the shortfall of catalase results in hair bleach.
It is not impossible that I may see my grandfather again with beautiful abundant blach hair as I beleive firmly that the dermatologists will come out woth a solution to correct the shortfall of catalase in the human body. Add to Mixx!

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