Monday, March 2, 2009

How to prepare delicious Bottle guard kofta?

Indian foods are healthy and tasty. The preparation is generally simple and easy. Now Iam sharing with you how to prepare Bottle guard kofta also known as Dhudi kofta.
Required ingredients:
1. Bottle guard 500 gms app. [Remove the skin and grate them into xmall thread like pieces.
2. Onion: 2 nos, [cut into small pieces].
3. Tomatoes: 4 nos. [take the juice of the tomatoes].
4. Anise [somp] 2 table spoon.
5. Coriander powder. 1 table spoon.
6. Chilli powder. according to your requirement.
7. Salt: according to taste.
8. Garlic ginger paste: 2 table spoon.
9. Refined oil: for frying.
10. Bengal gram dal flour: 200 gms.
11. Coriander leaves: grated into small pieces for decoration.
1. Remove the water from the grated bottle guard.Mix with the same anise, salt, chilli powde and bengal gram flour and make a dough of the same.Make small balls of this dough and deep fry them till the balls turn brownish.
2. Fry the grated onions till they turn brownish. add the garlic ginger paste, tomato juice and boil the same. [add a pinch of sugar to provide attractive colour]. Now add chilli powder, coriander powder and salt and boil it for 5 mins in sim flame.
3. Now switch of the flame and the fried balls and decorate the same with the grated coriander leaves. Now your tasty dhudhi kofta is ready to be served. A good side dish for chappatis and rotis. Add to Mixx!

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Shanthy said...

I have made koftas , but not of bottle guard.I shall try this time.Thanks for the new recipee.