Monday, March 16, 2009

Whether Darwin's theory of evolution is in agreement with vedic science?

Some days back the news paper headlines reported the birth day celebrations of Darwin, a famous scientist Darwin who brought out "The theory of evolution by natural selection." During his life time Darwin had to face a adverse reactions of the society as his findings were found against the Bible. But after his demise, the people of his home towm have shown keen interest in celebrating his birth day. This made me think as to whether Darwin's theory evolution by natural selection was really against religion. Is his theory in agreement with vedic science?

Darwin's view:

  • Presumes that all species have emerged from a common ancestor and thereby life has developed.
  • Complex creatures developed from simple ancestors with the passage of time.
  • The species have no right to choose the form of their choice and it occurs by random natural selection.
  • Because of genetic mutations entirely different organisms come into existence over a period of time.
  • The species would inherit certain characteristica from their ancestors and pass some of them to their next generation. Both these processes occur by random by natural selection without any control or choice on the part of the species.
Vedic view:
  • All species have come into existence from the first living body created by "Brahma" the gos of creature according to the vedas under the Hindu mythology.
  • Every life takes the form of a specificbody depending upon its karma in the previous janma ie depending upon the good and evils done in the previous births.
  • Man is the most comples species created by Lord Brahma.
  • The jeevatma (life) acquires the characteristics of the body thar it has worn depending on its karma.
  • The species coes not have any choice in the selection of the body and the characteristics ad it is decided by the creator on the basis of its karma.
  • Darwin's view that all species have originated from a common ancestor is in agreement with the vedic view that life has come into existence from the first creature of Lord Brahma.
  • Darwin's view that the species has no choose the form and characteristics of its choice where as it occurs hy random natural selection is also very much in agreement with the vedic view that the jeevan (life) has no choice to select the body it has to wear as it is decided in accordance with its karma.
  • I am of the opinion that Darwin's theory of evolution may differ in its expression with the vedas but in principle it is very much agreement with the vedic view. In such a scenario I fail to understand as to why his theory was opposed as being against religion.

    Human Devolution: a Vedic alternative to Darwin's theory
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