Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to download youtube videos?

  • Many of us who watch videos and hear songs on the yortube like to share it with our friends or watch it again later. It is not necessary to come again to the youtube site to watch the video or to hear the song that we liked the most once we have downloaded the same. Let us see how to download?
  • Most versions of the RealPlayer software allows download of the youtube videos direct from the page itself.
  • When we move the mouse within the frame a small popup says "download this video." Clicking on this saves the video in our realplayer library. An upgraded version of RealPlay also allows to burn youtube videos into DVD.
  • If we don't have any software, then what? The sites like or come to our help.
  • First download the software provided by these sites. Once this is done just place the URL of the video to be downloaded and click "DOWNLOAD."
  • Now choose the option Flash video (flv) or MP4. If we choose the flv the downloaded video format need to be converted into another formatwatchable on Quick Time Player or Windows Medis Player.
  • When we run a web search for flv converter we would comeout with many acceptable programs. We can simply use the software to open the flv and convert it into popular formats like AVI, MPEG and WMV.
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