Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to control your weight after child birth?

  • Putting on weight after child birth is inevitable. Many new moms try to manage their weight by reducing their food intake and going to the gym. Here are a few tips on weight management for new moms.
  • In any normal delivary there is a blood loss of 300 to 350 ml of blood. When the blood loss is above 5oo ml it is termed as post-partum haemorrhage. After the mother needs to make up for the lost haemoglobin. As the haemoglobin carries oxygen to various parts of the body it is necessary to make up the loss to avoid changes in your hair, skin , immunity and feeling of tiredness. Further as you will be breast feeding the child you will need additional doses of calcium, proteins and vitamins.
  • Consume frequent meals - 5 to 6 mini meals instesd of 3 main meals. For instance, if you have brwakfast at 8 am and lunch at 1 pm bring in a mini meal at about 11.30 am. It could be even a big glass of milk shake or a plate of fruits or a bowl or soup.
  • Reduce intake of coffee to 2 cups a day expecially if you are breast feeding as caffeine in coffee is not good for the healthy growth of the child. Drink more glasses of water. Add fruits, fruit juices and milk shakes in your diet expecially of apples and bananas as they would provide the required calcium. Drink whole milk instead of skimmed milk as they have the requisite proteins minus the fat.
  • With the enthusiasm to lose weight most women totally cut down fats. You need to differentiate between bad and good fat. Avoid salty chips and deep fried items like vadas, papads etc. but do consume natural fats like home made ghee, nuts, paneer etc in small quantities.
  • Lactating mothers need to consume good quantity of milk, curd and lassi to compenste their protein requirements.
  • With a view to reduce weight do not skip food. Instead substitute with healthier ones like jaggery for sugar, water melon juice for coffee or cola, brown rice for polished rice. Use flours of ragi, bajra, jowar as they provide sufficient energy.
  • Lactating mothers need to include vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd, ladies finger, methi, peas, beans, etc in their diet which sontain lot of fibre as they impuove digestion, reduce sugar and a basic food content for after pregnancy women.
  • Mothers who have undergone ceaserean surgery should keep away from exercise for atleast 6 months. In case of normal deliveries the women can start excercise after 40 days of delivary.
  • Brisk walking for 20 to 30 minutes is enough for a beginner. Take care not to strain your leg muscles too much. Increase the time gradually.
  • Post pregnancy yoga is the best way to improve your posture. It will also regularise your breathing pattern and improve your concentration.
  • Dancing or working out with music secretes happy hormones in the body. Post delivary some women undergo depression. This can surely help them to come out of it.
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