Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to free yourself from anger?

  • Holding on to the past is the primary cause of anger. Shift your focus to the future, not one filled with desires and expectations but to a future in which you envisage that everything would go on well.
  • In any interaction, choose to be peaceful, proactively involved yet detached. This will help you to control your anger.
  • Stop hurting yourself as that is what you do when you become upset or angry about any thing. Talk and self-councel yourself to besome free of emotional self harm.
  • Consciously find an activity like meditation, sports etc where you can spend your time and energy possitively. This will stop youfuelling the tree of anger.
  • To avoid anger be away from people who moan, complain and whine.
  • Let your body relax even though your thoughts keep wandering. Focus on the spaces between before, after or beyond thoughts. Find the stillness and peace there. Keep saying to yourself that I notice many thoughts and feelings wandering in my mnd. I turn them away and slowly they disappear and stillness and peace fills those spaces. This is a very good exercise for anger management.
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