Monday, June 29, 2009

How to get accustomed to your study destination abroad?

  • While studying abroad may spell lot of excitement, it is not so easy to get zccustomed to the new culture and environment. Here are certain do's and dont's for students pursuing education abroad.
  • Do not try to copy a foreign accent. In this attempt you become a hilarious figure to the foreigners and become embarassing to yourself. Be proud of your English and nationality. Be confident that your English skills are far better than theirs.
  • Don't convert every dollar or pound you spent into rupees, as this will make you feel sad and embarassed.
  • Don't cry hoarse if your hall advisor have left a box of condoms in your bathroom with an advice to have safer sex. Do not judge a person on the ground that he had sex with the oppoxite sex or with the same sex as they come from a dijjerent culture as compared to that of yours.
  • Don't get sexually involved with your boy friend or girl friend at college as be firm that nothing could you against your culture and ethics.
  • Further don't get into alcohol and drugs as they are bad for your heslth and if by chance something goes wrong with the college administration or law you will be sacked and deported back.
  • Don't take the law ot the country of your study for granted as this could land you in trouble.
  • Don't call your parents very often as your phone bills will rise sky rocketing and you will never come out of your home sickness.
  • Don't make your parents stay with yofu for an entire month as the entire point of staying alone for studying abroad will be lost.
  • Don't just be only with the Indians and Pakistanis. Make friendship with local students and interact eith themn At the end of the day you will realise that they are nothing different from what you are.
  • Don't bring in huge luggage as your college room may be small or you may be required to empty the college room during christmas.
  • Don't be under the impression that you have to dress to kill. The deess code in the colleges is simple.
  • Be very careful indealing on the internet. Even copying a sentence as it is from any site is considered to be a crime.
  • If you have to travel even from the country side to the nearest city in ciuntries likeAuctralia you may need to walk down to the station, wait for and change trains as they are che cheapest mode of public transport.
  • Don't over burden yourself with lot of courses in the first semester, Start slowly. Get a feel of the curriculum and get a higher GPA score.
  • Don't rush back to your country saying that you are noot able to adjust to the new environment. Give sufficient time to settle yourself.
  • Live in a student budget managing your affairs in little money.
  • Opt for a part time on campus fob as the visa rules do not permit foreign students to take up off campus jobs in the US. This will help you to realise the pleasure of hard earned money and increase your respect for labour. Further with this you will be able to apply for a Social Security Number ehich is a very useful one.
  • Exercise regularly while in US to avoid putting up weight.
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