Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tips to acheive good luck, career improvement, fame, recogmition, enhanced wealth, beauty and harmony using Feng Shui.

  • We must have experienced that some places we feel good and comfortable where as at other places we are uncomfortable and want to leave that place immediately. Why is it so? According to Feng Shui this is because of the environment surrounding the place including the plants, furniture and their proper placement. Further in a proper environment there is a possitive flow of energy which has a lot of say on our life.
  • According to Feng Shui it is possible to sustain good luck by recharging or reengineering the space we live in. This can be simply achieved by rearranging the furniture, refurbishing or repainting or by replacing the main door.
  • According to Feng Shui placing a painting of fish or furniture of blue colour at the northern corner of the living room would help to achieve good luck and career inprovement.
  • According to Feng Shui placing bright lights or decorative objects in red on the southern wall would bring in fame and recognition.
  • Avoid mirrors that reflect your cot in the bed room.
  • Do not keep any shelves above the direction of your head in the bed room.
  • Cover sharp corners and edges which point towards your cot.
  • Do not arrange the cot in line with the door's meridian.
  • Avoid plants with sharp and pointed leaves.
  • Never sit with your back to the front door.
  • Keep healthy plants in the east and south east sectors of your living room to enhance wealth.
  • Keep the foyer and the area near the main door well lit and clean. Do not keep any furniture there.
  • Keep the toilet lid shut after use.
  • Besides enhancing beauty to yoour home the above mentioned Feng Shui tips will help to bring harmony to your home.
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