Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to select plants for your Garden Pond?

The garden ponds can be made more attractive by making a proper selection of the plants that grow around them. There are different varities of water plants thst can be selected depending upon the ecology and the environment of the garden pond.

  • It is advisable to see various photographs of various garden ponds to get an idea.
  • Decide your choice of plants that you would like to grow. It could even be like the country side with large trees and plants having coloured flowers.
  • You can also consider marginsl plants which grow tall and are only partly submerged in water. A few examples are Yellow Flag Iris, Flowering Rush and Pickerel Weed which bloom during summer and look very attractive.
  • It is essential to plant oxygenerator plants in the pond. These plants are generaly submerged in water. They release oxygen and absorb the nitrous waste thereby helping to maintain good water condition for the fishes in the garden pond. The most popular plants are Anacharis, Eurasian Water Milfoil, Hornwort and Willow Moss.
  • Also plant floating plants whose roots just dangle in the water. These plants are useful as breeding locations for the fishes in the garden pond and also do not allow the water to overheaat. Some of these kinds of plants are Water Lettuce, Duckweed, Golden Club and Water Hyacinth.
  • Consider planting bulbs like Water Lillies and Lotuses. Their leaves provide shade and shelter to the fishes in the garden pond. They bloom in summer and the coloured fowers provide a beautiful scenery.
  • Take care of these plants just as we take care of the terestrial plants. They may also prunning, thinning and fertilizing.
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