Saturday, December 19, 2009

Going on a holiday?

  • Winter might be the best season for travelling. But one need to be cautious due to the impredictability of the weather. Before you set out on your much awaited outing during the winter vacation, here are a few things to do.
  • Be prepared for everything:
  • In addition to the regular things do not forget to carry additional clothing like sweaters, jackets and shoes as even a small drizzle or snow may make the climate chilly. Do not ignore even the slightest of allergies, dizziness or the uneasy feeling as it could be the beginning of the mild cold to the severe respiratory infection. Consult your doctor and keep the medicines handy while travelling.
  • Eating right;
  • Even though travellijg provides mental happiness and relaxation, do not ignore your health. You might be carrying the chats and snacks with you while travelling. In addition to this do not forget to carry dry fruits and jaggery as they provide good immune system to you from the chill.
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