Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to get connected to God?

  • Where to find God?
  • For me my parents and teachers are the manifestations of God. I find God in nature, in humanbeings, in animals and in everything around me. Once you feel connected to God then life is full of happiness,love and affection.
  • How to get connected to God?
  • I remain connected to God on a one-to-one basis.Yes. I speak to my God! as he is my soul or the inner voice. I talk to him when I am in need of some thing or if I have aome doubts. He does grant me what I deserve and clear my doubts and enlightens me.
  • Karma:
  • I beleive in Karma. I mean good thoughts lead to good habits which in turn lead to good actions. So our destiny is in our own hands. My teachers always use to tell me that put your best in whatever you do without worrying about the results. Further I beleive that what ever I am today follows from what I have done in my previous life. So do good deeds now as you and only reap the results of your karma.
  • Where does true happiness lie?
  • I feel that the true happiness lies in knowing the fact that I am happy. The reason is when  I  know  the reason and the extent of my happiness, I can surely accelerate it further.
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