Friday, December 18, 2009

A house intelligently designed to save energy.

  • An environmentalist in Tokyo, Japan has intelligently designed his house to save energy.
  • The house has solar panels on the roof, a cell at the backyard, the hot water pipes doubly functioning as heat insulation system and the lithium battery stores the excess slectricity.
  • It is the high technology which gives this eco-house a cutting edge when it comes to low carbon housing.
  • Panasonic, the maker of the eco idea house has fitted appliances that promise power saving at every step and at the same time ensuring a comfortable life style for the residents.
  • The sensor in the house can recognise human presense, temperature and light. The sensor follows the people. For example, if a person is in the living room, the air condition will be on and if the person moves to the kitchen the kitchen lights will be on and the airconditioner and the lights in the living room will be automatically off, thereby avoiding wastage of energy.
  • The eco-house also halves the water usage by simply tilting its drum and a fridge that learns the user's habits and goes into sleep mode when not required.
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