Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where can one fond God?

  • You find God in:
  • For me God exist in people and children. I believe that practically we cannot see God but can be realized by serving the poor. So for me serving the poor and helping others is serving God.
  • How do you connect to God?
  • I do my puja everyday in the mouning. I close my eyes and try to bring his image before me. I remove all my other thoughts except him. I start my day by prostrating before him ad pray that the day should be good for everyone in this world.
  • Karma and kismat:
  • I beleive that God exists in karma ie one's duty. If you do your karma properly it will follow in your nest life too. I beleive in Panchatatva and so in karma too. Good karma means you have kismat too.
  • True contentment:
  • I beleive that true contentment lies in sacrifice for others. I feel that sacrifice is the true path to reasise God.

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