Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now computer viruses not only spoil your hard disk but also your dignity.

  • We heard about computer viruses spoiling our hard disk. But beware. Now they can even spoil your dignity. 
  • I am a Twitter account holder. One day my colleague called and informed me about a promotion of some obscene messages sent by me to my followers. I was shocked to hear this as I had never sent any such messages from my twitter account. Still I logged into my account and found nothing adverse where as my followers have been receiving such messages for about a week without my knowledge. So, beware. Now viruses can even spoil your dignity.
  • These must be the brain work of some of the penetrators who want to earn commission on referrals to sketchy sites. What this shows is that there are also crooks in social bookmarking sites. 
  • These viruses can spread through a link attached to an e-mail. This can be checked by an antivirus software or firewall. So the installation of an antivirus software with continous updates is a must. But when the virus through web it is really difficult to check it.  The best way to stay away from these viruses is to avoid visiting unreputed sites.
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MT said...

Thanks for an excellent post. I have just posted my collection of such spam from MSn's IM, Yahoo and MSN Hotmail.

Worth visiting. Stay connected.

Hanum said...

this is the paper related about computer viruses