Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Women are the worst hit in dry and flooded village

  • The women of Kamlawati's Campierganj village, Gorakhpur, Eastern U.P. are the worst hit due to the climatic changes. What is it that affects the womenfolk of the village so much and why?
  • Limited access to resources and livelyhood has a harmful effect on their health.
  • Even in these modern times they have to walk longer distances in search of drinking water, fire wood etc. What a pity?
  • With the men migrating to cities for work, the women are even ploughing the fields out of compulsion.
  • The women literally starve giving up their portion of food to feed other family members.
  • Severe stress on women leading to premature deliveries.
  • Dalits and adivasi women are the worst hit.
  • What they need from the government?
  • Recognition as farmers so that they can avail credits and other benefits.

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