Friday, December 25, 2009

Now haclers target your phones too!

  • Now a days with the introduction of windows on mobiles they are being used fust like personal computers.
  • This means that the mobile phones are also exposed to the same computer menaces like hacking and virus attacks.
  • The security experts have warned that hacking and viral attacks are quite possible on iPhones too.
  • It is a fact that when there are security threats, there are also people looking for opportunities to capitalize on them. So Khosla ventures have come out with a solution called "Lookout" to tackle the menace. 
  • Lookout is looking out to be a giant in the mobile world just like Symantec's role played in the PC market.
  • Lookout began testing security software for phones running the windows mobile and android operating systems and also planning to introduce security application systems for the blackberry and iPhone. The software protects the phones against rogue programs and gives owners the ability to back up and erase the data on their mobiles.
  • With more people downloading through mobile phones the security threats are also greater. Hence it is a must to have some good security software installed on the mobile phones to keep a check on hackers and viruses.
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