Monday, December 14, 2009

How to improve your chils's handwritting for a good score?

  • I was a senior govt officer gifted with a beautiful handwriting. Both in my office and family I was always the preferred one to write from greeting cards to any thing of importance. With my children struggling to write neatly and the efforts that I and my wife had to put on them to make them wue neatly made me realise that what was so easy for me was not so easy for all children. I have seen my children struggling to write neatly resulting in avoidable mistakes and loosing marks and worst of all loosing impression. I am sharing herewith the experience I had with my children to make them write neatly and beautijully.
  • Why a good handwritting is essential?
  • The teachers today are more busy with tonnes of papers to correct. They are tempted to award better marks to a paper which is neatly written than to a paper with cuttings, cancellations and illegible handwritting. Make the children realize this fact.
  • Handwritting types:
  • The handwritting can be of three types viz straight, left slanting and right slanting. Make your chils write a paragraph. If most of the alphabets are straight, he adopts a straight hand and if most of the alphabets are tilting to the left then he adopts a left tilt handwritting and if most of the alphabets are tilting to the right then he adopts a right tilting handwritting. Just observe what type of handwritting your child adopts and make him adhere to the same.
  • Watch out for grip:
  • See that your child holds the pen / pencil with the thumb to the left and the indes finger on the right and the other three fingers as support. See that the pencil should have support on the knuckles and never on the groove.
  • Paper position:
  • The note book or the paper should be kept at an angle to the edge of the tabe to ensure that there is sufficient gsp for free movement of hand.
  • Non-writing hand:
  • The left hand should be used to hold the book or paper at its position.
  • Correct hand position:
  • See to it that your child maintain a correct hand position . The writing hand should futlly rest on the table and should not dangle down as this will create strain while writing for long hours. Further see to it that the seat is not too low from the table as the child will not be able to maintain proper contact with the writing.
  • Pressure:
  • See to it that the child does notexert too much pressure on the paper. This will increase his speed of writing.
  • Size:
  • Alphabets can be classified into three types viz
  • Alphabets with stem:- h, b,d......
  • Alphabets of same siz p,q,y.....
  • Alphabets of same size viz a, e,s......
  • Practice the children to maintain the size of the alphabets and make them understand its importance like if you reduce the size of h it will appear as n.
  • Follow these tips:
  • Practice the children to write neatly without cancellations and over writings .Even if there is a need to cancel just put a line on the item to be cancelled.
  • Write the words properly on the line.
  • Maintain space between two words.
  • Leave reasonable space between two paragraphs.
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