Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Epics of Ramayana

  • The literary work depicting the heroism of Rama. But for the spiritual minded it is an epic depicting deep spirituality for their life line.As the incarnations are both human and divine an overall view would just show the literary meaning and the heroism of Rama and shall be another fiction. But for a person with insight , the spiritualism deep rooted into the epic Ramayana Rama as the hero inculating us with the spiritual ways of life shall be visible.No doubt both are right in their places.
  • The sages like Valmiki and Vysa have achieved deep spiritual vision with which they could see the spirituality and the divinism involved in the Ramayana.
  • The intension of the sages is not to teach history or geography but to impress upon the man's history of divine existence and the spiritual destiny of man.
  • The Bhagvatta Purana after giving a long narration of the devotee kings, finally says that it has narrated the stories of all those men whose souls have departed leaving their memories.
  • So don't look for historical authencity or factual accuracy for the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha as they are narratives and stories of men with spiritual insight who could see far deeper.
  • The Sundara Kanda as also the whole of Ramayana has got both its spiritual and literary aspects . This chapter of Ramayana shows Valmiki's literary & poetic excellence and hence known as Sundara or beautiful . Another view can be it relieves Sita of her sorrow & hence Sundara . It can also mean a messenger & the Kanda includes the message sent by Rama to Sita . Sundara is also a name of an intermediary who establishes a mutual contact between a hero and a heroine as Hanuman did in the case of Lord Rama and Sita.
  • The recovery of something lost is also described as Sundara . In Ramayana the topic dealt with the discovery of the abducted Sita . The study of the Sundara Kanda is considerd equivalent to the study of the whole of Ramayana as far as the spiritual merit is concerned .Just as the Upanishads are said to contain the supreme purport of the vedas ,the Sundara Kanda is supposed to be the heart of Ramayana.
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