Friday, April 10, 2009

Stay cool this summer

Scorching summer is nothing new for us. Now when the skin feels like melting some action is required from us. Here are a few tips to beat the sun.

  • Include cereals, rice, wheat and vegetables in your menu. Eat moderately as stomach disorders are high during hot months.
  • Consume foods with high water content such as watermelons, cucumber, oranges, carrots and spinach.
  • Drink as much water as you can.
  • Have lot of coconut water, butter milk and lemon juice minus the sugar. This will help to balance the water level of the body.
  • Food with unrequired fat and sodium content. Sodium causes water retention, further dehydrating the body.
  • Salty peanuts, chips and oily stuff are bad too.
  • If your kids complain of loss of appetite give them compact meals, stuffed parathas, vegetables wrapped in chappatis, curd rice or raita khichdi.
  • Give them lots of coconut water, lemon juice or mixed fruit juice.
A line of infections and diseases that your skin is likely to suffer from...
  • Prickly heat: An itchy infection mainly caused due to blockage of sweat glands. Combat this by taking a shower twice a day.
  • Fungal skin infections: caused due to excessive perspiration and lack of air circulation. Avoid closed shoes, synthetic fabric and tight clothes.
  • Sun burns: Over exposure to the sun can make your skin tanned and burnt. The result is black skin patches that peel off. Moisture this area - Do not pull the peeling skin. General hygiene and skin care can go a long way in avoiding these.
  • Shower immediately after exercise.
  • Wear open shoes to allow air circulation.
  • Always wear a sun block lotion.
Summer ailments are mostly caused by poor hygiene, water infection and dehydration. The common ones are:
  • Gastroenteritis: Common among those who rely on precooked meals. During summer, the food tends to spoil faster than in other seasons. If consumed, it leads to vomitting, food poisoning etc... The solution is have freshly cooked meals and boiled water and closed fruits like oranges, bananas, sweet limes.
  • Summer coughs and cold: Fluctuating temperatures between the heat on the street and your AC office results in coughs and cold. Excessive consumption of iced water and cold foods are also the causes. The remedy is maintain your AC temperature between 20 and 25 degrees. Consume less cold foods and beverages.
  • Dehydration: Over exposure to the sun takes away essential hydration from the body which then needs to be replenished with water. Giddiness, head aches, fainting and fever are some of its symptoms. The solution is to have liquids regularly during the day and wear a cap while out in the sun.
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