Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it worth to do all the house repairs ourselves?

  • Whenever there is a repair work to be carried out in my house, a number of arguments arise between me and my wife which sometime ends up in small tussles. The reason is only that I am a miser as regards paying the proffessionals where as my wife is totally of a different view. According to her one cannot be master of everything.
  • As a DIY (Do it Yourself) enthusiast I use to follow the step by step instructions provided on the various sites on the internet and proceed to perform the repairs myself.
I am sharing the modest experience as a DIY enthusiast:
  • One fine morning, the water line had a crack and the water started flowing all around. As usual I started attending it. As the plumbing was concealed without knowing I had broken the walls to a large extent and ended up spending more on cement and paint.
  • Similarly I had a bitter experience in trying to paint the house, trying to the electrical wiring, trying to repair the hot water system as all these got messed up and I ended up spending more.
All these experiences had thought me a lesson that one cannot be master of everything. I realised that I had been pennywise and pound foolish. It is all right as regards minor repairs where as trying to do the major repairs with a view to save will result in only in messing up the things, creating a chaos and more expenditure. Add to Mixx!

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