Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homeo healing

Since times immemorial man has always wanted to be in control of his life and is constantly endeavouring to conquer death. Although this seems to be still impossible, science and technology has come a long way in prolonging life both physically and pscycologically. Recent times has seen a paradigm shift from restorative medicine to prophylactic medicine with the focus on staying healthy. Also the term "being healthy" is now replaced by "being well" as the later signifies not just remaining free from diseases.
Centuries ago, even before the invention of the microscope and consequently, micro-organisms, homeopathy had postulated the multi-factorial origin of disese, where the environment, both external and internal, heredity, and a mixture of various other contributory factors, including possitive agents termed "miasma", were to blame. Homeopathy was foremost in recognising and defining health as a perfect dynamic equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. Modern medicine has only now accepted this truth and is therefore looking out for diverse methodologies to preserve health using vaccines, nutraceuticals, and the like. Constitutional homeopathic treatment, along with the right diet and regiment can help to cure any indisposition and keep diseases at bay.
While allopathic drugs are mostly synthetic and therefore foreign to the human body, herbal drugs being crude, tend to produce harmful effects due to their potent and toxic alkaloids. In either case, the patient's symptoms may improve but at the cost of the gentoms , vitality or the immune system further weakened. Homeopathic drugs, on the other hand, are absolutely safe by virtue of the dynamisation processes that serially dilute the drugs and render them harmless, whilst only stimulating the subtle healing energies from within the original substance. Homeopathic remedies do not act on a particular possitive organism or pathological process per se. They boost the body 's defense system so as to evoke a curative response.
The concept of customising the treatment protocol for each and every patient, which is gaining grounds these days, has also been the very foundation of homeopathic practice where individualisation is mandatory. Individualisation is not possible without a holistic and a 'wholistic' approach, i.e.,treating the patient as a whole,and not treating only a particular tissue, organ, or system. This is why a lot importance is given to the patient's mental makeup and uniqueness in manifesting an illness.Homeopathy heals naturally, safely, gently, and rapidly. Above all, it produces no adverse effects. The truth is that it produces desirable side-effects such as boosting the immunity to preserve health and replenishing the energy reserves of the body, leaving the person with a sense of well being. It goes without saying then that homeopathy, with its holistic approach, helps you to get well and stay well. Add to Mixx!

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