Monday, April 27, 2009

  • Akshaya Tritiya ,is the day when Veda Vyaasa and Lord Ganesha started writing Mahabharata.The day, for this and a few other reasons, is believed to be a great day for investing. One only needs to visit a jewellery shop to witness the rush for jewelley in general and gold in particular.This brings us to an important question .Why invest in gold ?
  • Gold, from ancient times, has been used as money, for its versatility besides being rare. There are typically two main reasons for gold being touted as a good investment option- the profits it fetches as its price increases over a period of time and the fact that it helps withstand any economic, political and/ or social crisis .
  • Since gold derives its value from its demand and supply , the price of gold fluctuates with time. It is this that causes people to buy it when its value is low, and sell it when its price is high -similar to buying and selling of shares. Gold helps withstand economic crises to a great extent , as even if the value of money is greatly tarnished, gold continues to retain its value.
  • Gold has always been the best thing to invest in. Also recent trends heavily support investment in gold .Gold investors benefited by a 24% increase in its value last year . Gold's advantage lies in the face of inflation and /or the depreciation of the value of money .
  • These reasons make gold precious and prompted Thomas Fuller, a British writer, to say, "It is much better to have gold in your hand than in the heart ." We suggest, however, that you have both.

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