Saturday, April 25, 2009

Human Cloning

  • Human cloning means replicating the DNA of an organism into a new organism, as a result of which a new organism has the same characteristics of the original organisms.
  • Human cloning will be carried out by the same method that brought forth Dolly, Reproductive Cloning. In Reproductive Cloning, the nucleus is removed from a body cell of the organism to be cloned and this nucleus is inserted into an enucleated egg, that is, an egg whose nucleus has previously been removed.The egg with the new nucleus is then treated to electric or chemical treatment to simulate cell division. The resulting embryo is transferred to a host uterus to develop properly and eventually be given birth to. The new-born organism will be a replica of the original organism, but not the exact same actually, since it will have DNA derived from both the organism as well as the egg.
  • The question may arise as to why at all human cloning is required as there is already population explosion .Cloning could help develop human organs that can be used for transplantation . The risk of rejection will be less as the cloned organ will have the same genetic code.Further , cloning would also help infertile couples to have their offspring .Cloning may also help to give birth to another Isac newton or Dr. Homebhaba.
  • The question arises as whether cloning is ethical or not. I am of the view that as far as we don't go beyond morality there is nothing wrong , if science can provide happiness to infertile couples to give birth to their own offsprings . Further, what is wrong if science can produce the replica of the great scientists whose knowledge and research will help the future world.
  • As far as legality is concerned , certain countries like the USA and the UK have treated human cloning as illegal .
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