Friday, April 24, 2009

Tune in to music to turn on to health

  • Consider these. Getting up in the morning to the chirping of birds, children sleeping when the mother sings lullaby, youngsters joging with iPods plugged to their ears and elders wandering in search of laughter clubs. All these surely anchor energy in our body and mind. Further, we can not forget that the world was created from the initial sound OM. So the body, mind and the world are connected by the power of sound. Of all kinds of sounds music has an instant effect on a person's mind.
  • Musical notes when vibrate at certain frequency effect the brain waves and the body also responds. The musical notes travel down the spinal cord to the autonomous nervous system which regulates the heart beat rate, blood pressure, muscular power and the body metabolism.
  • Various classical Indian music ragas are perfect for relieving stress and relaxing the body. Music soothes the soul. From times immemorial, people have listened to ragas to relieve mental stress. Raga Jaijaivati is suitable for an evening session while raga Darbari is best for an early morning exercise.

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Malathy said...

Very true. I can vouch for these with my own experience.